Friday, July 30, 2010

July Update #1

It has been a really unbelievable month, with so many events and shoots occupying my time that it made June look like a cakewalk (which it isn't) but I finally have a bit of time to do a quick writeup.

My Little Robin

Hundred Man Killer

Cosfest IX

My 7th time attending the event, I can't help but to feel a bit nostalgic. Maybe because a lot of things happened over the past few years, both good and bad. Anyway, met up with friends from both Malaysia and the Philippines, made a few new friends, and even get to pose with the epic Franky cosplayer from the series One Piece. He's cool! ;)

Day 1: Here

Day 2: Here

The Games Xpo (TGX) 2010

Nothing much to write about the event, apart from the fact that it was crowded and boring in general. But the cosplayers did a good job once again, even if the location doesn't seem suitable for most of the series being cosplayed.

Day 1: Here

Day 2: Here

July photoshoot updates to come soon, hopefully! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

June Update #3

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy (as usual) with a few shoots and cosplay events coverage.

Yang, seen here cosplaying as Pandora from the classic anime series Saint Seiya. I was surprised that she cosplayed the earliest version of the character, as well as learning that she cosplayed as Athena in the past too!

Link: Here

Finally, a Pandora Hearts shoot featuring Vincent Nightray, Echo and Sharon Rainsworth. Had a blast of a time working with Yukiharu, Janice and Germaine during the shoot as we joked around for most part. I hope there will be more shoots of this series in the future!

Link: Here


Delayed for many months, this shoot was finally underway! Special thanks to Krisgage and Suki-luna for their equipment and direction support, it helps a lot especially when the shoot continued into the night.

I learnt a few more things about flash lighting, especially in terms of positioning and adjusting the strength of the flash output. It was a fun experience, although tiring as well.

Link: Here

June photoshoots done, events next!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

June Update #4

Besides Starfest, there were 3 other events held during the subsequent weekends of June. Although not everyone turn up for these events, but there were a lot of photographers and curious onlookers!

One of the longest running events apart from Cosfest and EOY, Streetfest has changed its venue this year to Plaza Singapura. In the past, there were more J-rock related cosplay although the focus have somewhat changed to more general cosplay series. As usual I have a very busy time that day, doing two photoshoots in the morning and covering the event as much as I can later in the afternoon. I fell ill the next day, took me a while to recover.

Album: Here

*SCAPE is a new building located next to Orchard Cineleisure that caters to the youth. An event was held on the 19-20 June to officially open the building.

Originally I didn't want to drop by, but I changed my mind after Yang got interested in the event. Arrived there early only to find a small number of cosplayers wandering around. There were a few good ones though, so I didn't count the trip as a waste of time.

The location's generally not that bad for shoots, especially for series that are urban-based. I was told that there's a nice rooftop as well. Anyway, I left the place after catching a few stage performances and bidding farewell to Yang and the rest.

Album: Here

Finally, Japan Fiesta 2010 (held at Orchard Central) was the event with the least number of cosplayers because many people are still preparing for Cosfest IX. The most interest thing about the event was the Japanese and Korean cosplayers showing their stuff on stage.... some pretty amazing performances there. You can check them out at the Youtube links I provided in the Multiply album listed below.

Album: Here

*phew* And that's all I have for the June updates... I still have some things to write about for this month (July) so stay tuned to the next update!