Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysia - Part II

Well, here's the second part of the shoots I did so far. Another busy period but I was having a long term break too, so everything works out well in the end.

The Black Gold Saw shoot was a short one because Shine wasn't feeling very well. We had to stop a few times to let her take a few breaks here and there.

First time using this new location, it was really big and the area looks like it was straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie! Seems like Malaysia have a few of such places around, although you have to look diligently for them since there was not much information found on the Internet.

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A Naruto shoot at the Bukit Jalil Park (again), I brought only my macro lens since I wasn't feeling up to the weather. Good thing the shoot was a load of fun with all kinds of joking around, but the biggest surprise was Hani appearing at the last minute to cosplay as Rock Lee.

Rock Lee has some of the most epic expressions in the series, and Hani pulled it off well.

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A crazy shoot because we spent the whole day at Genting Highlands, battling heavy rain, car accidents, last minute location changes, and even getting ourselves locked out because the car keys were left in the car boot with a broken boot latch.

Eventually we managed to get the keys back, and had a very late dinner. I suppose I wasn't in the best of moods by then...

Anyway, the Dynasty Warrior shoot was okay. There were some miscommunication problems and we almost got lost, but the photos are pretty satisfactory.

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This was the other shoot we did in Genting Highlands, it was getting dark so we had to wrap things up pretty quick (this was before we had the 'car key' problem), but this particular spot looks really atmospheric. It was damn cold though...

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Putrajaya! A great place for photoshoots, though certain areas are very much overused.

The shoot was hampered by heavy rain in the afternoon, so we waited till early evening before shooting until nightfall. After that we proceeded to an abandoned structure nearby for some shadow works and low light photography, pretty cool and dark/creepy!

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Lastly, a special shoot based on the relationship between two individuals in the series Gundam 00. It was a hot day but the light's near perfect and we had a golden glow sunset towards the end of the day. The location's perfect as well, because as I told a close friend of mine, Putrajaya is one of the very few places in the world that suits the series.

PS. Buzz words from the shoot: Leng Zhai (Ryeain) and Suci Leng Lui (Byou). LOL!

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Third and final part coming soon! C2Age was just recently concluded, so I had the task of sorting out photos from that event. I'll be updating my Facebook page with the selected shots once I am done.

Till next time!


Catherine Meyers said...

Hi Hexlord,

My name is Catherine Meyers, I'm the admin of a web blog directory, while being completely impressed and stunned by your pictures and cosplay (wow, just wow), I was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange (no money involved), I would add your blog in my directory so my visitors will also visit your site and in exchange you add my website to your blogroll or links. Please let me know if you are interested and the best of luck with The Angel of Eternity and your photography of course.



Miyavi Honey said...

-Rock Lee poofed in, Do Nice guy pose and poofed out-

Hexlord said...

Cathy -> I would love to! Please reply to me when you are able to. I wasn't able to respond to you earlier as I was overseas and had some login issues too.

Miyavi -> LOL!