Sunday, May 08, 2011

The SG Photo Derby (Part II)

And here's the second batch of shoots I did in Singapore...

CLOVER - First time working with Angelion on a series from Clamp. Nice weather, pity about the wet grasses though. For a relative newcomer to the cosplay scene, she did a pretty good job with this cosplay. She's friendly too, very easygoing with a love for singing.

Album: Here

Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan - Despite never having to play the game or watch the anime, I have... quite a substantial amount of information on the series.

Anyway, it was a hot day and we stopped early. The shoot was okay, and I get to use the Canon 5D Mk II for a short while. The camera's not bad, although the lens supplied could have been better.

Album: Here

Sandplay - Well, what can I say... I love Miku and I love to work with Yang. The studio shoot was also a great learning experience for both me and Shane, because usually I don't get to operate the big lights for my other works.

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Kuroshitsuji: Alois - I managed to secure a bar for this shoot. Interesting time since a bunch of friends dropped by later and make it into an informal gathering. Lots of laughs but the shots turn out pretty okay in the end~ :)

Yang's Alois is near perfect!

Album: Here

Kenka Bancho - I was there as a helper, but I took some shots too!

It was also the last time I visited the abandoned factory in Kranji. I had some pretty memorable shoots there, so I felt kinda sad on that day. Heh.

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Defense Devil - It was a last minute invite, but I gladly accepted it since I will be working with a few of my old-time friends.

Good thing too, since the location we used to do the shoot was closed a few days later to make way for a new arts gallery situated there. A bummer for many photographers and cosplayers.

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Angel Sanctuary: Kurai - My final shoot with Yang. Guess that all good things come to an end.

Album: Here

Once in a while I get to do a trial shoot, this is one of the instance. Spent the time on getting a few shots while waiting for the train to show up... well it did, when we least expected it.

Album: Here

Well, that's all I guess! Actually I have one more shoot to talk about, but I'll leave it to another entry in the future. You might also noticed that I kept my comments short and sweet this time round... guess it is because I already mentioned quite a bit of stuff in my photo albums.

Onwards, to great justice!


Herman said...

great solid galleries all the way but my fav is Angel Sanctuary

Hexlord said...

Thanks for your comment ^^