Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Malaysia - Part IV

Here are some more shoots that I managed to complete recently, and had time to edit the selected shots. Most of them are friends that I worked with for the very first time!

The first shoot in the long list of backlogs is from the series Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony. I was invited by friends from MMU Cyberjaya, so we went to some abandoned buildings in KL for a very straight-forward shoot (minus the dogs that is). It went well although I fell ill that day and had to cancel a fashion shoot the next day.

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First time working with friends from Klang, Subang and Penang! Okay, it was a relatively short shoot but everyone had a great time. There's also an army of photographers roaming around the location that day, some photo event/workshop that has a bunch of models mingling around too.

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Second time working with Sakura, but first time working with her group. We went to a new location (to me) and the shoot went smoothly. However, because I was tired from the Harry Potter party the day before, I don't think my output's that good. Hope they like the shots though~

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A "dual" shoot with Shine, with her cosplaying Anarchy Stocking and the gender bend version as well. A totally indoor shoot, I tried out some conceptual stuffs although most of them felt off to me. :X

First time working with Linkinstreet and Kaezar Kaze, very friendly bunch of photographers!

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Night shoot at Putrajaya. First time working with Alex from ARC Photography, his shots are great and he is friendly too! I didn't take many photos though because I was tired from an earlier trial photoshoot at a tennis court and work.

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End of the entry for now! I realized there's a lot of "firsts" happening recently. For example, although I had contributed a few articles to Cosplay Gen (magazine) in the past, this is the first time I was featured on its website for an interview!


My next update will be on the other shoots still residing in my backlog folder, as well as the other shoots this coming few weeks + AniManGaki 2011 at Sunway University. See you around!

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