Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Update

Angel Sanctuary: Rosiel
Angel Sanctuary: Rosiel

Inner Realm
Inner Realm

Some shots from a new photoshoot location, it's indeed a place lost in time...

Also, I have been featured by my friend Leon who runs a blog that talk about toys and figurines. Do drop by and leave a comment, he's a pretty friendly dude!

Lastly, less than a month to go before my first trip to the Philippines. I can't wait to meet with my friends there, and to try out their tasty food delicacies.


LEon said...

That is so 1970s setting! Where is it? Nice cosplay. love the female german looking uniform.

Hexlord said...

Yeah it does. The cosplay's from the series Angel Sanctuary, one of the old classics from Kaori Yuki.

As for the place, it's a secret. :P