Sunday, November 06, 2011


I was recently interviewed by 3 very different groups of people (photographer, cosplayer, online magazine) for their websites, and I am thankful for the chance to be featured. Answering interview questions was never my forte, so I hope this time I did a better job.

The first interview was conducted by Richard T. Bui, a friendly cosplay and wedding photographer from San Francisco, California. You can view his site, it is new but already looks good! :)

The second interview was conducted by Yunie, a friend of another cosplayer that I know of (Etaru). Her blog is different compared to a lot of other cosplay blogs around (which is good), so check her site out! :)

The third one will be out soon, and I have been asked to do some articles for the magazine... hope I have the time when the opportunities appear. Okay, end of update. Back to my books...

5 more days to AFA... See you there!


~ Vienni said...

Very nice interviews~ ^^
Good luck & have fun at AFA, Hexlord~
Hope to have you again at next year's CLAS:H~

Cosplay Photographers said...

Hexlord, thanks so much for the link love, kind words, and being our coveted first ever Featured Photographer on! Amazing stuff as always and we definitely look forward to working with you more in the future!!!

Henry said...

Hello Sir! Are you open for link exchange? Plz contact me if you're interested.